Explore your Creativity to the Maximum with IA Pattern

Experience and design an infinite variety of creations with AI Pattern, generative AI creative solutions aimed at maximising the ability to create and conceive rapports (repeating patterns with continuity) and much more.

Image and Text based Rapport Generator

Take a look at our examples and generate similar images yourself with just one click.

From Image to Pattern

Create unique images from a single source image.


Image to Pattern Variation

Be inspired by an image and create variations of it, the ones you like you can convert to a pattern.

Coming soon

From Text to Pattern

Accurately write descriptive text and convert it to a rapport in seconds.

Get inspired in our gallery

Discover and learn how to achieve what you are looking for, access our rapport catalogue and analyse the input images together with their descriptive and/or creative texts.

In exploration

Very soon we will be able to launch new types of iteration.

In development

Motif Selector

Isolate parts of the original image that you want to appear unaltered in the final rapport or select motifs at source that you want to remove.

In development

Positional Developments

Define frames, add multiple images, unleash your creativity.

In development


Use a brush to add, remove or replace objects in an image. Generate the new fill with a text message.

Pattern enlargement

Original image